Getting Help

The End of the Master Builder

Much like in many fields, research is reached a point of sophistication that it is no longer possible for any single person to perform all aspects of the research process. Statistics is now sufficiently sophisticated, that professional statistics help is nearly mandatory to perform top level research. Modern statistical methods are complex and the mathematics behind them are complicated. Becoming fully fluent in statistical methods requires years of training

At Stat59 we can assist in your research by allowing you to be the content expert while we take care of the methodology and mathematics.

Much as it is now increasingly rare for general practitioners to practice intensive care, or for home mechanics to repair their own cars, most high quality published manuscripts include statistical analysis performed by professionals. Science is increasingly competitive and research is moving more quickly. The competition is using professional statisticians to make their work more publishable.

Many journals now include review by a professional statistician as a mandatory part of the review process. At Stat59 we will prepare your research to be ready for this process and to hold the the highest statistical standards

Getting Help

At stat59 we beleive that the most common cause of failed research projects is errors made early on in the study planning and design. The level of sophistication required of researchers is steadily increasing over time. Research design and statistical analysis is complicated, and many researchers do not have formal training in these aspe cts. If you have concerns about your research project design, we encourage you to contact us early on in your study planning so that we may help you avoid this problems. Consultation with a statistician is included in our Premium Plan (up to 30 minutes) and our Professional Plan (up to 2 hours).

Still not Sure?

Not sure if the Stat59 solution is right for your project? Contact us and we will be happy to discuss how we can help. If your project is not suitable for our platform, we will be happy to suggest some alternatives.