Account Security

Passwords are never stored as plain text on our server, and Stat59 employees can not view your passwords. Passwords are always sent by a secure https channel. Mandatory two-factor authentication can be implemented for your project upon request.


Stat59 uses industry standard TLS and SSL encryption for all web interfaces. Data entered into your project's online forms is always transmitted by an encrypted channel. If you must send private data or messages by email, we encourage the use of PGP encryption. Please contact us to get our public key or to arrange a secure upload channel.

Data Storage

Stat59 will ensure that all research information in any form or format, including physical media or electronic remains data remains secure. Data is stored on a secure server in Canada and is never stored outside Canada. Data is stored always on encrypted hard-drives with ongoing back-up. Stat59 maintains it's own servers for data storage and analysis and never uses cloud based storage or data processing. If the researcher chooses to relay information to Stat59 via physical media, Stat59 will return any physical media in any form or format to the Researcher(s) or have said items destroyed at the researcher’s request.

Data Retention and Access

Stat59 will keep your data until your explicit notification that the data should be destroyed. Your data will be private to yourself. To encourage collaboration, you are welcome to share your data with other users at your request by forming a collaborative user group. The project lead maintains authority over access to the project, and access can be granted or revokes as required.


Stat59 will keep all the research information shared confidential by not discussing or sharing the research information in any form or format with anyone other than the Researcher(s).


Our strict privacy policy ensures that your information and data are always protected.