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Fast, High-impact Scientific Statistics

With Stat59’s web-based statistical software for scientific research, you will be the first to publish because of our fast interface, which provides users with the ultimate highly intelligent software experience.

When conducting scientific research, it’s crucial to have a software system that is not only advanced, but also accurate with its readings. That’s why we created this innovative web-based statistical software for scientific research that provides better academic results in real time. This is due to the three-feature set that’s comprised of the Study Design Wizard, Data Tabulation Platform and Analysis Platform, and the Manuscript Engine.

All Online. Mobile Friendly

The Study Design Wizard forms the initial study design in an applicable, functional fashion for the benefit of your research project and works in conjunction with the Data Tabulation Platform and Analysis Platform to provide your research team a web-based application that’s useful for data entry.

Ditch the Theory Textbooks

Unlike most traditional commercial software applications, Stat59 doesn’t require any knowledge of statistical theory in order for proper use. Stat59’s artificial intelligence and professional statisticians will operate on a collaborative basis with you and your team from the beginning stages of developing a hypothesis until the testing phases. Our virtual research team will correspond with you on a professional yet personal level to achieve your research goals.

Ace the Peer Review

With Stat59, you’re always prepared for what’s next. The web-based statistical software for scientific research smart technology assists with peer review as well as anticipates and prevents commentary while the mobile-friendly enterprise allows scientific researchers to produce high-quality results at a fraction of the price that traditional software costs.

Manuscript Preparation Made Fast

Stat59 is a one-of-a-kind software that will fill the gaps and errors that are commonly found in scientific research with the visionary AI-driven manuscript editor. With Stat59, you have the capability to start a project in less than a minute and view your results instantly.

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