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A Single Application for All Parts of Your Research

Stat59 is a highly advanced software platform that completely eliminates the need for other commercial statistical software applications. Whether you’re a student or educator, Stat59 is a web-based statistical software for academics that will increase productivity and mitigate mistakes. Its three-feature set will cover all bases:

  1. The Study Design Wizard guides you in the right direction from the very beginning stages of research.
  2. The Data Tabulation Platform and Analysis Platform are web interfaces for convenient data entry.
  3. The Manuscript Engine is a tool that will analyze your data to generate a manuscript.

Stat59 does not require background knowledge or previous experience with statistical theory. Stat59 is a single software solution that is here to assist you through all stages of research and development, including conception, data collection, analysis, and publication. The benefits of Stat59’s web-based statistical software for academics is limitless.

Unlike some statistical software applications, Stat59 and our team will not take any credit for your discovery. We will never require authorship over your project now or at any time in the future. Our statistical support staff is here to address any questions, comments, or concerns. Brace for higher impact with Stat59 and start today.

Less Time Wasted

We understand that in the field of academia, you have an abundance of time-sensitive commitments. Stat59 will help you effectively complete projects with strict deadlines.

Cost Effective

With Stat59’s web-based statistical software for academics, there is no need to pay a professional statistician to decode your research.

Produces Fast, High-quality Results

Produces fast, high-quality results – Our AI-driven software will produce optimum results with the help of our tools.


This academic web-based statistical software allows for easy collaboration among colleagues whether your research team is near or far.


Stat59 is a mobile-friendly analytical tool that is accessible through the same web platform. Every step of the research process can be completed on this comprehensive platform.

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