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You’ve worked hard to get to this point. Your research shouldn’t suffer because of inadequate software. Stat59’s team of professionals and advanced, AI-driven statistical data analysis software are here to assist you from initial idea and design to successfully navigating the peer review process. You’ll finish fast, publish first and, most importantly, discover first.

Publish fast. Publish first.

Would making a great discovery advance your career? Key research findings are almost always credited to the first publishing author. Researchers commonly cite lack of time as the major barrier to publishing their research. Stat59 statistical data analysis software speeds up all phases of the research cycle, drastically reducing the amount of time needed to produce high quality research.

Much less expensive than traditional solutions

We understand that research funding is increasingly difficult to find. Many researchers are self-funded. When funding is available it is often much smaller than anticipated. Your time is valuable. Stat59 will save you countless hours of work for a competitive price. If you are working on a funding proposal, let us know in advance and we can help you write a proposal for purchasing Stat59 services at the outset.

The end of the master builder

Much like in many fields, research has reached a point of sophistication that it is no longer possible for any single person to perform all aspects of the research process. Professional statistics help is nearly mandatory to perform top level research. Modern statistical methods are complex and the mathematics behind them are complicated. Becoming fully fluent in statistical methods requires years of training.

Many journals now include review by a professional statistician as a mandatory part of the review process

Much as it is now increasingly rare for general practitioners to do intensive care, or for home mechanics to repair their own cars, most high-quality published manuscripts include statistical analysis of research data performed by professionals. Science is increasingly competitive, and research is moving more quickly. Your competitors are using professional statisticians to make their work more publishable.

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