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Set Up an Experiment Quickly: Even if You Are Not a Methodologist

At Stat59, our team has a strong desire to create better tools that provide more efficient research for scientific experiments. Stat59 is a web-based application that provides users with a solution for time-consuming experimental procedures and provides users with a comprehensive web-based statistics software for experiments. Unlike other commercial statistics software, Stat59 does not require any knowledge of statistical theory. Instead, Stat59 is a user-friendly, cost-effective solution for researchers to conduct experiments in a functional, proper manner.

Quickly Create Complex Designs

The Solomon four-group design is an example of a complex experimental method. The objective of the Solomon four-group design is to conclude whether outside factors have a contribution in final results, and if so, to what degree. The Solomon four-group design verifies validity through a four group quasi-experimental design:

  1. Pre-test – treatment – post-test
  2. Pre-test – no treatment – post-test
  3. Treatment – post-test
  4. No treatment – post-test

Evaluations are performed by studying comparisons between the data for groups A and C and between groups B and D. It’s easy to comprehend why design and analysis of his form of experiment is time-consuming and error-prone. Stat59 is a web-based statistics software for experiments that gives fast, consistent, and accurate results.

One Application to Rule them All

With Stat59, there is no need for multiple software applications. Stat59 does it all in a single platform that will act as a guide to help you complete your project effectively from start to finish.

Stat59 is easy to use and allows for easy collaboration while utilizing an AI manuscript engine that outperforms and provides users with more reliable, accurate results that are easy to translate.

Cost Effective for Your Budget

At Stat59, we want to offer everyone a multi-purpose tool that is designed to eliminate common frustrations that present themselves with experimental studies. If budget is a concern, the team at Stat59 will collaborate with you to implement a budget plan that is suitable for your institution.

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