A Fraction of the Cost of Traditional Solutions

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Stat59 costs a fraction of the costs of hiring a professional statistician. Pricing include all software licensing.

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  • Choose a pre-configured data model
  • Choose a pre-configured analysis
  • Choose from standard plots and reports
  • Instant manuscript template by ManuBottm


  • Custom data analysis
  • Up to two custom plots
  • Choose a pre-configured data model
  • 30 minute consultation with a statistician
  • Email technical and statistical support
  • Instant manuscript template by ManuBottmwith customization


  • Custom data model and web-interface
  • Custom data analysis
  • Dedicated personal assistance from your research team via email or videoconference
  • Up to 2 hours of consultation with a statistician
  • Instant manuscript template by ManuBottmwith dedicated personal support
  • Up to 5 custom plots
  • Data storage and publication