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More Publications. Higher Impact Factor

You’ve worked hard to get to this point. Your research shouldn’t suffer because of inadequate software. Stat59’s team of professionals and advanced, AI-driven statistical analysis software are here to assist you from initial idea and design to successfully navigating the peer review process.

We can assist in your research by allowing you to be the content expert while we take care of the methodology and mathematics. You’ll finish fast, publish first and, most importantly, discover first.

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Simplify Logistics. Increase Grant Funding.

Welcome to a truly collaborative environment between institutions and researchers. Stat59 statistical analysis software can help transform your institution to a world-class research center. Publication of research in high impact journals is the key to recruiting high quality researchers and adequate funding. Our design wizard ensures that your institution uses the most modern statistical methods.

Stat59 is a one-piece statistical analysis software solution for seamlessly working together in real-time. And if your budget is fixed, no problem. We’ll work with you to customize a pricing plan that makes sense for your institution.

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Ace your Research Project.

As a student you have spent your hard work and hard-earned money to get where you are. Writing a thesis or research project can be a huge hurdle. Don’t let a research project stand in the way of your future career. Stat59 will work with you throughout the entire project cycle: from idea, to data collection, to analysis, and presentation.

The Stat59 statistics web app allows you to work collaboratively with your supervisors and co-investigators no matter how big or small your research project.

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Supercharge Your Advisor Role

Being a research advisor for a student's project or thesis is a great privilege and a great commitment. Helping a student develop a quality research project can be a great source of pride and satisfaction as a teacher.

However, most research advisors have other conflicting time commitments and juggling student supervision can be nearly impossible.

Use the Stat59 statistics web app to optimize your role as an advisor: spend less time supervising the logistics of the research process and instead concentrate on your role as the content expert.

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3 Feature Sets to Cover all Your Needs

Design Wizard

Study Design Wizard

We will work with your team from the beginning to ensure that the initial study design is the best possible design for your research project.


Data Tabulation Platform & Analysis Platform

We provide your research team an easy to use web interface for data entry.

Manuscript Engine

Manuscript Engine

We will analyze your study design and data, correlate them with existing publication guidelines, and generate a manuscript template.


Developed to Address the 5 Most Common Pitfalls in Research Studies

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  1. Initial study design errors
  2. Haphazard data tabulation methods
  3. Choosing the wrong test statistic for the type of study
  4. Incomplete translation of numbers and ideas to a narrative manuscript
  5. Statistical deficiencies identified in the peer review process
Normal Curve

" Working with Jef equals adding a great mind to your research team and removing the dark statistical cloud above your head! He will buff up your research proposal with the appropriate statistical tests and help you interpret your research findings adequately. He does all this very efficiently - making sure you research team can produce high quality results rapidly. " Valerie Homier, Emergency Physician and Researcher, McGill University

" I have worked with Jef for a couple of years on a web-based project. He was able to take our general ideas and concepts and bring them to life in a creative and user-friendly way. I highly recommend working with Jef.. " Dónal O'Mathúna, PhD, Associate Professor, College of Nursing Faculty, OSU Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities

" I know I can always rely on Jef’s various competencies when I require quality and appropriate statistical tests which would facilitate my research success.. " Pier Luigi Ingrassia, SIMNOVA - Centro di Simulazione in Medicina e Professioni Sanitarie Università del Piemonte Orientale

" The STAT59 software enabled me to create my modified Delphi study providing a roadmap that exceeded my expectations. When you consider your time, ease of working with the software, and cost, you would be hard-pressed to find a better partner.. " Eric Weinstein, Researcher, CRIMEDIM

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