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About Stat59

Stat59 uses artifical intelligence and oversight by a professional statistician to provide the fastests and most cost effective way to bring your research from idea to results. From study design, to data tabulation, to data cleaning, to data analysis, to translation to a document, to revision and peer review: a single software solution for the entire research process.

The End of the Master Builder

Much like in many fields, research is reached a point of sophistication that it is no longer possible for any single person to perform all aspects of the research process. Statistics is now sufficiently sophisticated, that professional statistics help is nearly mandatory to perform top level research. Modern statistical methods are complex and the mathematics behind them are complicated. Becoming fully fluent in statistical methods requires years of training

At Stat59 we can assist in your research by allowing you to be the content expert while we take care of the methodology and mathematics.

Much as it is now increasingly rare for general practitioners to practice intensive care, or for home mechanics to repair their own cars, most high quality published manuscripts include statistical analysis performed by professionals. Science is increasingly competitive and research is moving more quickly. The competition is using professional statisticians to make their work more publishable.

Many journals now include review by a professional statistician as a mandatory part of the review process. At Stat59 we will prepare your research to be ready for this process and to hold the the highest statistical standards

Getting Help

At stat59 we beleive that the most common cause of failed research projects is errors made early on in the study planning and design. The level of sophistication required of researchers is steadily increasing over time. Research design and statistical analysis is complicated, and many researchers do not have formal training in these aspe cts. If you have concerns about your research project design, we encourage you to contact us early on in your study planning so that we may help you avoid this problems. Consultation with a statistician is included in our Premium Plan (up to 30 minutes) and our Professional Plan (up to 2 hours).

Why Stat59?

Saves Time

  • Proper study design saves costly revisions
  • Data is cleaned and validated in real time. Prevents need for lengthy data reentry
  • Changes to data and analysis are available in real time. When you change the data the analysis is updated immediately. No need to wait for response from the analyst.
  • Time to write the manuscript can be greatly reduced by the Stat59 ManuBot templating engine.
  • The ManuBot anticipates reviewer comments and demonstrates ways to avoid them, speeding up the peer-review to revision cycle
  • The Stat59 interface if user friendly and needs no training, eliminating the need to learn complicated statistics software

Saves Money

  • Stat59 project plans cost a fraction of the cost of hiring a statistics consultant
  • No additional software costs. The Stat59 platform eliminates the need for statistics software packages, many of which are very costly
  • Prevents the need to hire an on-staff statistician
  • Allows research staff to spend their time on more productive tasks

How Can Stat59 Help?

Stat59 was developed to address the five most commonly seen opportunities for improvement:

1. Errors in Initial Study Design

Inital errors in study design are common. Without understanding how the data will be analyzed it is very difficult to understand which data to collect and how to collect it. Even small errors, like failure to randomize the subjects properly, can weaken the validty of a study and prevent its publication. Furthermore, many errors in study design simply cannot be corrected later, leading to a tremendous waste of time and money. At Stat59 we will work with your team from the beginning to ensure that the initial study design is the best possible design for your research project

2. Data Tabulation is Haphazard

Well meaning researchers often tabulate their data on spreadsheets. Many go so far as to even total the columns, and calculate basic statistics such as mean and standard deviation. Unfortunately, such spreadsheets are entirely unsuitable for more sophisticated statistical analysis. Furthermore, errors in these spreadsheets are easy to commit and hard to find as the spreadsheets contain no way to ensure data is valid

The Stat59 web platform will provide your research team an easy to use web interface for data entry. Data entry is seamless, and validated in real time to minimize errors. The web platform can be accessed simultaneously by any number of researchers from your team, without the need to send a single spreadsheet back and forth between members.

3. The Wrong Test Statistic is Chosen

Purchasing traditional statistics software like SAS, minitab, or SPSS is similar to purchasing a bronchoscope. It is a useful tool, but can be very harmful if used without training. Statistics software is designed primarily for statisticians, and assumes that the user knows which test to use. As the software usually does not know the origin of the data or the design of your study, it will happily perform the wrong statistical test and give the wrong answers. Common mistakes are such things as calculating the mean of categorical variable, calculating the average postal code, or using Fisher's exact test when the basic test assumptions are not met.

Choosing the wrong statistical test is often not discovered until the peer review process. When the statistical test needs to be changed it may involve repeating the analysis. As the analysis will lead to different numbers and often different conclusions, it may lead to a very time consuming rewrite of the manuscript. The Stat59 platform is designed to prevent the wrong test from being done by matching data models carefully to statistical tests, and by careful asssessment of the study design

4. Translating the Statistics to a Narrative is Difficult

For many researchers who have not written a multitude of papers, it can be difficult to translate their ideas and numbers into a narrative manuscript. Furthermore, many written guidelines for manuscript prepartion exist, but are often specific to certain study designs.

ManuBot - a manuscript templating engine - will analyze your study design and data, correlate them with existing publication guidelines, and generate a manuscript template. Simply cut-and-paste the template into your usual manuscript editing software or word processor, and the template will guide through the process. In most cases the ManuBot will write a large portion of the methods and include references for the statistical methods used.

5. The Peer Review Process is Demanding

For certain peer reviewers of most journals are becoming more and more sophisticated. It is not common to see sophisticated comments such as:

  • 'Multiple p-values were obtained, how was the multiplicity accounted for?'
  • 'The null and alternative hypothesis were not properly stated.'
  • 'The basic assumption of the statistical tests used were not met.'
  • 'The authors did not confirm that the linear assumption was met prior to fitting the linear regression.'

ManuBot will analyze your manuscript and look for common causes of concern for reviewers. ManuBot will issue a warning on our manuscript template and tell you how to avoid that particular reviewer comment and how to respond to the comment if it should come back to you.

If any of these issues seem familiar to your team, the Stat59 solution can help move your team foreward.

A Fraction of the Cost of Traditional Solutions

Starting a project is FREE and there are no obligations. Please feel free to start your project and see how our services might fit your needs.

Stat59 costs a fraction of the costs of hiring a professional statistician. Pricing include all software licensing.

Please contact us for a personalized no obligation quote for your project.


  • Choose a pre-configured data model
  • Choose a pre-configured analysis
  • Choose from standard plots and reports
  • Instant manuscript template by ManuBottm


  • Custom data analysis
  • Up to two custom plots
  • Choose a pre-configured data model
  • 30 minute consultation with a statistician
  • Email technical and statistical support
  • Instant manuscript template by ManuBottmwith customization


  • Custom data model and web-interface
  • Custom data analysis
  • Dedicated personal assistance from your research team via email or videoconference
  • Up to 2 hours of consultation with a statistician
  • Instant manuscript template by ManuBottmwith dedicated personal support
  • Up to 5 custom plots
  • Data storage and publication