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Students find success with Stat59

You’ve worked hard to get to this point in your education. Your future career shouldn’t suffer because of inadequate software. Stat59’s team of professionals and advanced, AI-driven web-based statistics software for students can help you produce a high-quality research project while saving your valuable time.

Publish a High-Quality Research Project

Would having a great publication kick-start your career? Choosing the right topic and performing the correct statistical analysis can mean the difference between just completing your research project and getting a publishable product. Key research findings are almost always credited to the first publishing author. By working with you from the very beginning of your project, Stat59 web-based statistical software for students can help ensure that your project leads to a high-quality publishable manuscript which can fast-track your future career.

A Truly Collaborative Solution

Whether your research team is co-located or spread around the globe, Stat59 lets all members of your team work on the same accessible web platform. Idea generation, study protocols, data collection, analysis, and report generation are all performed on the same platform.

Don't Waste Your Time Learning Statistics Software

Do you really want to waste your time learning about statistical theory and how to use a new programming language? As a student you likely have other pressing time-sensitive commitments. Traditional statistics software is designed for statisticians. Many software packages are difficult to learn and take years to master. Stat59 is software designed for researchers. To use Stat59 you don't need a training course, textbook, or a background in statistics. Just start a project and the software - along with our statistical support staff - will get you started right away.

We Work with Your Existing Supervisors and Support Network

Stat59 compliments your local research team. Whatever the level of expertise of your team, Stat59 web-based statistics software for students allows all the members to work at their capacity, while the software platform takes care of the rest. Ask your supervisor today to use Stat59 to bring your team together.

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