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Get Up and Running Fast on Your Systematic Review or Meta-Analysis

Systematic reviews and meta-analysis have never been easier than with Stat59. Stat59 is a user-friendly web-based statistical tool that does not require any knowledge of statistical theory. Instead, it provides users with a comprehensive approach to online systematic review software from the very early stages of conception through publication.

With Stat59, reviewers and analysts use the same online systematic review software for review, analysis, and reporting.

Drastically Decrease Errors: No More Sharing Spreadsheets

With the amount of time and effort that goes into the process of research, design, and publication, you want your product to be free of error. As opposed to traditional methods of meta-analysis software, Stat59 is an online systematic review software that instantly mitigates mistakes with a three-feature set:

  1. Study Design Wizard – We will guide you in the right direction from the very beginning stages to ensure that your initial study design is appropriate for your research project.
  2. Data Tabulation Platform and Analysis Platform – You and your team will have access to a straightforward web interface for data entry that is accessible when you need it.
  3. Manuscript Engine – We will thoroughly analyze your design and research data with preceding publications to generate a manuscript.

Cost Effective

In addition to an increase in productivity, Stat59 is offered at a fraction of the cost of most statistical software. With Stat59, there is no need for difficult commercial statistics software. Additionally, there is no need to pay a professional statistician to decode your findings. Stat59 will examine the stages of systematic review and meta-analysis in a simplified, modernized online systematic review software.

Flatten the Learning Curve

Stay ahead of the learning curve that goes along with statistical software with this innovative meta-analysis software that is easy to comprehend. Gone are the days of spending countless hours stressing over your statistical software applications. Stat59 allows you to focus on the task at hand.

Stat59 is a data extraction software for systematic review that takes the entire research process in stride.

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