Getting Started with Stat59

STAT59 is a single web app for the entire research process including study design, data collection, data analysis, and report generation. STAT59 combines artificial intelligence with oversight by a professional statistician to provide the fastest route from study idea to success.

How do you create a new project? It's very simple and you can request help at any point

Starting a project is FREE. Try it out. If Stat59 does not seem to fit your project's needs, you can stop any time.


Start the STAT59 Web App

Start a free account for the Stat59 web app. Enter the name of your project, a brief description of your project, and your contact information. Your project is now under way!

In less than one minute.

A Stat59 Project Coordinator is instantly assigned to your team. Your Stat59 project coordinator works for you and will help you at any step of the way. Contact your coordinator at any time for help.



Develop Your Study Design

Add what you know. Do you know the study objectives? The Null hypothesis? The study design? The test statistic? Enter what you do know and we will help you with the rest

The Stat59 Study Design Wizard will help you develop the correct study design and analysis plan to ensure that your study is the best possible design for your objectives.

Your Stat59 study coordinator will make sure that the study design matches the objectives and data sets, and ensure that methodology and data collection proceed correctly from the the beginning

Design Wizard


Enter Your Data

The Stat59 Data Tabulation Platform provides you a web interface for data entry. Data is validated as you enter to minimize errors. Team members can enter data any time and even simultaneously from different computers without worries of keeping the database synchronized. Enter data from a computer, tablet, or smart-phone.



Check Your Results

The Stat59 Analysis Platform will choose the correct statistical test for your data, and ensure your data set does not violate any basic assumptions of the statistical tests

Just push a button and the analysis will be done. Stat59 will analyze your results immediately. Change your data? Data is updated immediately and the updated analysis is available immediately

Stat59 will provide a selection of analysis, table, and plots for your data. Looking for something special? Contact your Stat59 study coordinator to arrange custom analysis, plots, or tables.



Assemble Your Manuscript

The Stat59 Manuscript Engine can instantly prepare your data for presentation. Is it a scientific journal article? Six-sigma project? Oral presentation with slides? ManuBot will give you a huge head-start through a personalized downloadable template containing your data, methodology for the statistics done, and appropriate references.

Using AI and Text Mining, the manuscript engine will analyze your study for common errors, and compare your study to peer review comments for similar studies. By anticipating likely comments from peer reviewers, the manuscript engine template template will highlight these areas of concern and suggest ways to correct them before the peer review process. This can greatly speed up the submit - review - resubmit process.

Manuscript Engine


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get on the free plan?

The free plan includes project setup and the Study Design Wizard. This will allow you to set up your project and download the study protocol. In order to use the Data Tabulation and Analysis Platform or the Manuscript Engine you will need to switch to paid plan.

How many people can work on a project?

At Stat59 we believe that seamless collaboration is a prerequisite to managing complex projects. Projects are billed on a per-project basis, and project owners can invite as many co-researchers as they like. Co-researchers will need to sign up for a free starter plan to access the project. Our web interface is ideal to allow co-workers worldwide to work together.

I've already tabulated my data on a spreadsheet. Can I switch to Stat59?

Cleaning and importing data can be very difficult depending on the initial integrity. Spreadsheets do not provide adequate validation or cleaning and often lead to corrupted data. We much prefer that data is entered directly into the Stat59 platform from the beginning of the project to ensure that validation and cleaning occur in real-time. In some cases, we can import data from other forms into the Stat59 software. The cost will vary with the complexity and integrity of the data set. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your data set and how we can help.

Do you take authorship on my project?

We are here to help you develop your discovery - not to take credit for it. Stat59 will never require authorship credit for our services. Our researchers do occasionally work with other partners on joint projects so you may see our researchers' names on other publications. We do request that Stat59 software is appropriately documented in the methods section of any publication. Also, if one of our researchers is a special help to you, and you would like to thank them, they always appreciate a mention in the acknowledgements.

Do I need a credit card to start?

Our starter plan is free and no credit card is required.