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Institutions find their best fit with Stat59

Welcome to a truly collaborative environment between institutions and researchers. Stat59 web-based statistics software for research centers is a one-piece software for seamlessly working together in real time. And if your budget is fixed, no problem. We’ll work with you to customize a pricing plan that makes sense for your institution.

Research institutions are judged by their impact factor

Publication of research in high impact journals is the key to recruiting high quality researchers and adequate funding. Our design wizard ensures that your institution uses the most modern statistical methods that are not only practical, but also effective.

Smaller departments often lack funds to hire a full-time statistician.

Recruiting funding for research is increasingly difficult in both academic and business environments. Stat59 web-based statistics software for research centers provides the benefits of an in-house statistician at a fraction of the cost.

Publish fast. Publish first.

Key research findings are almost always credited to the first publishing author. Do your research projects often get stalled? Stat59 speeds up all phases of the research cycle to ensure your center publishes first.

A simple solution for statistics software with integrated project management

Does your team spend unproductive time bringing new researchers up to speed on a project? Is training new researchers on your present software painful? Stat59 web-based statistics software for research centers allows new researchers to jump into a project with minimal training.

Effective collaboration is the key to maximal team productivity

Whether your team is co-located or distributed, keeping their work synchronous can be laborious. Stat59 web-based statistics software for research centers puts an end to sharing spreadsheets by email, problems with version control, or endless track-changes. Your team will thrive with a collaborative on-line solution throughout project conception, design, data collection, analysis, and publication.

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