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Project Management and Statistical Analysis in a Single Tool

Stat59 is proud to present clients with a web-based project management software that is designed specifically for the unique needs of scientists. The comprehensive project management and analysis software brings a new meaning to the word “productivity.” Unlike consumer project management platforms, Stat59 combines project management, data collection, statistical analysis, and manuscript preparation into a single online tool.

Integrated Project Management and Data Analysis

Stat59 was created to enable scientists to design, tabulate, analyze, and report important projects in a single web interface. No more struggling to transfer data from spreadsheets to statistical analysis software then back to manuscript writing software. Stat59’s web-based project management software for scientists integrates project management and statistical analysis with the following three-feature set:

  1. Study Design Wizard
  2. Data Tabulation Platform and Analysis Platform
  3. Manuscript Engine

Onboarding Made Instant

Connect the details with the high-level goals instantly. Orient new researchers to your project in minutes with Stat59’s web-based project management software for scientists. New team members see the entire project: goals, design, data, and analysis instantly. No more lengthy orientation sessions. And Stat59 software is intuitive and easy to use: no training courses or textbooks required.

Collaboration Made Easy

With Stat59 your project is always up to date with a simple intuitive interface. Whether your team is co-located or remote, keeping your team engaged has never been easier. Performing a re-analysis of your data? No problem. Data analysis is instant and visible to your entire team. Stat59's project management software for scientists makes your team far more efficient by minimizing frustrations such as forgotten work or duplicated tasks.

All Your Projects on One Platform

No matter how many projects you have on the go, or how diverse your scientific interests, Stat59's web-based project management software for scientists allows you to access all of your projects from a single site. Wherever you are, you are instantly up-to-date on your project's progress. No more searching through emails and struggling with version control.

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