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How to Start a Delphi Project.

ARTICLE: A short article describing how to create a Delphi project on the STAT59 platform View

How to Design a Delphi Questionnaire

ARTICLE: A short article describing how to design a Delphi questionnaire using the STAT59 platform. View

Delphi Versus Modified Delphi

INFOGRAPHIC: It can often be difficult to decide how to proceed with the first round of a Delphi study, and whether to choose the traditional method of open questionnaire or to use the modified Delphi with a focus group or expert panel. This infographic can help explain the difference. View

How to Be a Delphi Expert

VIDEO: This video explain how to be a Delphi expert using the Stat59 Web App View

Five Axioms for Writing Powerful Delphi Statements

BLOG: The most critical skill for creating a high-impact Delphi study is the ability to write powerful statements. Taking a few moments to learn how to write statements correctly will save hours of time and can increase the quality of your research remarkably. Fortunately, while the requirements for a great Delphi statement are not the same as a survey question, writing the statements need not be difficult. Researchers should follow these five simple axioms to create powerful statements. View

Should I do a Delphi Study?

INFOGRAPHIC: This infographic explains the indications for Delphi studies. Use this checklist to make sure the Delphi methodology is the right methodology for your study. View

Delphi Technique: The Do Nots and the Why Nots

YOUTUBE: This lecture describes when to use the Delphi technique, and how to perform a Delphi analysis. This video emphasizes the workflow of the Delphi study, and the assessment of consensus. The lesson is suitable for beginners to the technique or experienced researchers looking to refine their methods. View

Delphi Study Checklist

CHECKLIST: This checklist describes the common indications, methods, and warnings for using Delphi studies. Researchers are advised to consult this checklist before starting to collect data. View

How to Create and Download the Delphi Consent

ARTICLE: This article shows how to customize the Delphi consent form and how to download it. View

Features of The Delphi Module

ARTICLE: This short article lists the features of the Delphi module. View

How to Analyze and Advance a Delphi Round

VIDEO: This short video shows how to analyze a Delphi round, create the next round questionnaire, and send email invites to the experts using the Stat59 Analysis Engine View

Viewing the Delphi Compliance Report

VIDEO: This short video shows how to view the Delphi compliance report. The compliance report shows that status of each expert and how many questions have been answered for each survey round. This is the best way to keep track of the progress of each expert in real time. View

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